Think of the children; They are our future

Access Braille

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International Institute of Partners

The International Institute for Social Entrpreneurs (IISE) in Kerala (South India) is an Institute that operates under the umbrella of Braille without Borders (BWB).The IISE focuses on leadership training in order to create social change. The participants, all over 22 years of age, are inspiring visionaries who mainly come from developing nations. All of them have overcome significant life challenges ranging from vision impairment, disability, poverty, war, discrimination and exploitation. They have a passion to make the world a better place and the strength to be forces of good rather than victims of circumstance. Read more about IISE at

Access Braille partners with the graduates of the IISE social entrepreneurship program to reach out to the remote parts of Africa and Asia and bring literacy to the fingertips of the visually impaired children in these underserved communities.

Worth Trust

WORTH Trust embraced the social responsibility of rehabilitating persons with disabilities in the firm conviction that every such person, despite the odds, has an useful role to play in society and the right to lead a normal life. Making it its mission, to facilitate transformation of their latent potential into productive performance, the Trust runs Technical Training Centres to impart systematic training to PWDs and employs these persons to turn out quality industrial components that compete in the market place with industries run commercially. Lear more about Worth Trust at

Acccess Braille partners with Worth Trust to implement the Mobile School Project in India. Worth Trust is also the supplier of world class a world class Braille kit that can be adapted to any language.