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Harikatha, September 2012

On September 8th, at the Milpitas Sai Mandir, Bhajan singer Sudha Rajagopalan along with carnatic music vocalist Usha Prabhu Hungund, performed a Harikatha on the theme of "Charanaagati" (Ultimate surrender to God). Charanaagati is one of the nine forms of devotion to God.  Sudha narrated the story of Gora Kumbhar interspersed with bhajans, abhangs and songs in Marati, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. Though we've heard the Gora Kumbhar story many times before, Usha and Sudha took the bhakti concept to a greater level with their sweet voices and moving rendition of the story of Sant Gora Kumbhar and Lord Panduranga. Many came and supported our own Harikatha artists from the Bay Area. The fundraiser benefited visually impaired children's education in India.

Exhibition Of Tanjore Paintings, Setember 2012

On September 8th, there was an exhibition cum sale of Tanjore painitings by Gayathri Satya,  to support Access Braille programs.

Concert By Gayathri Satya, April 2011

A benefit concert for visually impaired children in India and Nepal